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Hurstville United Junior Rugby League Football Club is located within the St George District, and prides itself on it's long standing commitment to developing Rugby League since the early 1900's.


After a period of dormancy the Club rallied in 1985 when a group of like-minded parents with a community spirit began the push for football sides to cater to the youth of the Hurstville area who were not adequately catered for in this domain and the Struggos were reborn.  It has been the continuation of this spirit and level of involvement by parents within the area that has seen Hurstville United JRLFC become one of the largest within the St George District.


The Club won the Senior Championships and the Junior Rugby League championship for 17 consecutive years up until the end of 2006.  Over 100 players having played representative football for St George in Jersey Flegg, SG Ball and Harold Matthews cup.  A number of these players have reached the heights of playing First Grade with the NRL and beyond including Lance Thompson, Anthony Mundine, Nathan Brown, Gordon Tallis, Adam Peek, Matt Parsons, Tate Mosley, Brett White, Charlie Leaeno, Garry McBride, Shane Walker, Robert Miles, Michael Korkidas, Ben Kusto, Brad Smith and most recently Chase Stanley who while still at school debuted in First Grade and played Test Football for New Zealand in 2007.


By playing Rugby League for Hurstville United you are playing for a Club committed to developing football in the local area, providing players with the sense of team pride, discipline and strength of character.  These qualities not only allow talented players the chance to enjoy all that a career in this field has to offer, but develop all players into community minded individuals with pride in themselves and their surroundings.

District Club Championships:

Junior Club Championships: 1990-2005,2009 and Runner Up 2006 & 2007

Senior Club Championships: 1955-1956, 1994-2000, 2005 & 2007

Team Premierships Years

A Grade: 2017, 2016, 2012, 1999, 1995, 1994, 1990, 1986, 1955, 1944, 1937, 1929, 1927, 1926

A Reserve: 1997

Under 21's: 2000,1999,1996,1956,1928,1927,1926,1923,1922,1921

Under 19s: 2007,1998,1994,1927,1925

Under 18s  

Under 17s: 1994,1992,1953

Under 16s: 2012,2004,1995,1991

Under 15s: 2015,2010,2009,2004,1993

Under 14s: 2003,1997,1995

Under 13s: 2017,2014,2009,2007,2002,1994,1991

Under 12s: 2020,2015,2007,2003,2001,1999,1998,1988

Under 11s: 2016,2011,2008,2002,2000,1998,1997,1990,1989

Under 10s: 2015,1999,1996,1992,1986

Under 9s: 2022,2012,2007,2006,2003,2002,1995,1987

Under 8's: 1996

Under 7's: 1993

Club Song

Whow are we in the Blue and White

Who are we in the blue and white

Who are we in the blue and white



Who we, Up the struggos

Who we, Up the struggos

Who we, Up the struggos




Originally the Club song was as follows


As sung by Jimmy Dee who was the oldest living struggo inverviewed in 1999 at the age of 99


Struggos will never die,

never die, never die

Struggos will never die

ne-ver die,

If they die there's more to come,

more to come, more to come,

If they die there's more too come,

mo-re to-o co-me

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