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Life Members

One of the highest honours Hurstville United J.R.L.F.C can bestow is to offer and honour Life Membership to an individual as an acknowledgement and recognition of their distinguished or special service to the Club.

Nominations for Life Membership are called following the notice of the Hurstville United J.R.L.F.C Annual General Meeting.

For more information on this please contact us 


#    Hurstville United Life Members

1.   Peter Hills

2.   William Drury

3.   Allan McPhillips

4.   Nesta Dries

5.   Des Gardiner

6.   David McGinty

7.   Robert Kenning

8.   Vern Grant

9.   Warren Surplice

10. Steve Nolan

11. Rick Knowler

12. Ron Mckenzie

13. Shane Kennedy

14. Adam Cawley

15. William Robertson

16. Tony Rose

17. Maree Rose

18. Peter Trethewy

19. Glen Thomas

20. Steve Bowden       

21. Michelle Halbouni  

22. Mark Maarbani      

23. Wade Magro   

24. Lindslay Merrick   

25. Reece Merrick      

26. Holika Taufa       

27. Lance Thompson     

28. Matthew Tillbrook  

29. Pablo Wilson       

30. Andrew Saliba

31. John Kagalaris

32. Blake Glanville

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